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Magical Roofing Service & Repair Tips in Queens, NY To Increase The Longevity of Your Roof

What Can You Do to Keep Your Roofing In Top Condition

Maintaining your roof on a regular basis will guarantee that your entire family is safe from harm. This is why if you are concerned about the health of the people you love and you don’t want to expose them to danger, you better book in a roofing contractor or do some basic roofing yourself before your issues grow bigger. Today LPR Roofing, of Queens, NY, has prepared a shortlist of tips that can be extremely useful when you are wondering how to go about your roofing service & repair.

Roofing Service & Repair Queens, NY

1. The first and most important rule, if you do not plan to book any roofers but do the job yourself, is to make sure you are properly secured. Wear rubber sole shoes to prevent slipping and try to keep your back as straight as you can as you may otherwise easily lose balance. Do not try fixing leaks while it’s still raining, this will be an extremely dangerous and ineffective experience.

2. Discover leaks – You can do this easily if you spray different locations around your roof with a garden hose. If you have no buddy to help you, you may call some of the local roofing contractors who offer roof leak elimination services.

3. Unclog your gutters as soon as you notice a problem. If you wait too long the next heavy rain can cause great damage to your roof.

4. Fix your shingles and tar them again if necessary. Replace the ones which are cracked, especially if they are nailed. You better also check out the rubber boots and make a quick fix if necessary.

5. Clean the valley regularly – The valley is the area where the intersection of two roofs comes together, where all the water from the roof goes to. If it is not well cleaned new leaks may appear.

6. If your roof has poor ventilation, dry rot may appear. If you notice any of it, beware that there is a chance that the plywood might be deteriorating. If you do not call professional roofers to do roofing service & repair, your entire roof may sag and your shingles can get brittle, crack and then leak.