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Roof Problems that Require Immediate Assistance

Find out Whether it’s Time to Call a Roof Contractor

Obvious or unforeseen, roof issues are always a pain, and no doubt, a significant expense. That’s why taking care of the problem as soon as it appears, is a top priority. However, there are roof problems that can be fixed by homeowners themselves, and then there are issues that require professional assistance. Here are the most common situations when hiring professional roofers cannot be avoided.

Moisture and Roof Leaks

Some roof leaks are obvious some are not; however, they can both create major property damage if not fixed on time. Regular inspection and proper maintenance are essential tasks for keeping a roof in good shape and leak-free. But it’s not uncommon for even a good roof to develop leaks. When this happens, your best option is to call a professional to assess the situation. Replacing a shingle is easy, but determining the extent of the damage caused by the leak is definitely a job for a professional roof contractor.


Shrinkage is a phenomenon that usually happens due to the movement of the foundation of the house, or extreme winds. The effects of shrinkage are usually visible long after the event that caused the roof to shrink took place. However, there are a few signs that clearly state your roof has problems. Pulling of flashing and cracking of the membrane are just two of them. A professional roof contractor can easily determine whether your roof is shrinking, by using special tools and equipment.

Poor Insulation

One of the most common roof installation mistakes is poor insulation. There are many factors that need to be considered when installing insulation for a roof, including climate, type of heating and cooling system, type of roof, size of the house, etc. Failing to properly size the insulation layers of a roof can cause mold, mildew, and moisture problems.

The best way to avoid major roof installation mistakes, or to fix current roof problems, is to hire professional roofers. We, the team of LPR Roofing, have installed, maintained, and repaired numerous roofs over the years, and we always offered outstanding results. If you reside in Queens, NY, feel free to call (718) 487-3725 and let us deal with your roof problems.